Convert your Passions to Money from Google

Yes, you can make your passions & interests to money from Google. Google runs a program called AdSense, by using this program you can earn money.


I know a question raised on your mind How ?,.. Don’t worry i will answer it. For joining this program you want to write about your interests (For Example:Cricket / Cooking / Politics / Technology / Studies; Etc,.) what ever it may be. After writing you want to post in your blog website.

A blog website is a platform which you must have for doing this, don’t worry we will create you a blog site with unique domain name. Your work is just to write about your interests.

Now you may think, by just writing how google pays us ?,.. your question is right, before asking just think why we go to google ?, we go there to find an answer or to know details about some thing, so those answers or details we got there are the blog posts which was written by people like you.


What Google does is, they will place ads in your website, when people visit your site either they will see the ad or they will click the ad, you will be paid for both.

Now you might may think how much will it costs to make a blog site ?,.. It’s just Rs.4900- for the first year & from next year it’s just Rs.2200/year only.

To know more about this feel free to call us @ 9080761275



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