Database Marketing

Untitled0Database marketing is a process of identifying, collecting, and analyzing significant information from all sources, internal and external, about your customers, leads and prospects to drive strategic marketing and sales decisions.

Database marketing is not a means in and of itself. It is an integral part of the direct marketing effort. Database marketing is interactive and begins with the sale. The key behind database marketing is building the relationship with the customer.

Chennai Database helps in developing and understanding this relationship. Developing this relationship can improve customer retention, increase lifetime customer value, and drive product development. Understanding the relationship will dramatically improve the efficiency of acquiring new customers.

In order to develop your marketing strategy we provide Chennai Database a collection of contacts split into

Category in Every City & State: Businessman, HNI, Corporate Sector Salaried Person, Banking Sector, Credit Card Holders, Car Owners, Telecom Operator, Etc.

With Individual Record: Company Name, Contact Person, Mobile Number, Email id, State, City, Pin Code, Address.

All Databases are well segregated in Excel sheets on the basis of City, State and Category and are kept in separate Folders.

Chennai Database helps business owners, marketing specialists, and other business professionals recognize the tremendous potential of database marketing and how it can be used for lead generation.It details how a company’s customer database can be an extremely valuable but overlooked resource for boosting profits and improving customer service.

We believe that our success depends on our Clients satisfaction and their growing business.

The Benefits of using CHENNAI DATABASE

Chennai Database can vastly improve the economics of the marketing process through targeting the right message to the appropriate audience.

1. To improve profitability: One of the benefits of Chennai database marketing is the ability to target marketing efforts and allocate resources in a way that improves efficiency and increases profit margins.

2. To increase sales: There are a number of database marketing techniques that are intended to save money by reducing waste and limiting unprofitable market segments. The primary goal of Chennai database marketing is usually to increase sales and take advantage of new market opportunities.

3. To improve communications: You can use Chennai Database to  communicate with your customers through direct mail, invoices, renewal letters/forms, advertising, conventions, customer service letters, new product announcements, and product updates.

It is worthwhile to gather all of these communications together at least once a year and review everything that a customer or prospect may receive from you to see if the quality and content of the message are consistent with your customer profile and with what your customers have told you they want and need.

4. To improve product development: With this Chennai  database, you should be able to communicate with your customers on a regular basis to gather information about the type of improvements they would like to see in your products or programs. Likewise, if you have a prospect database, it is important to talk with these potential customers to determine why they may not be purchasing your products or services.

All database marketing starts with customer information that is organized into a single, retrievable marketing database one such readily available is Chennai Database our primary goal is to increase the profitability of the marketing investment.

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